The Flash Season 3 Episode 20

This episode of the Flash was one of the most exciting ones of the season so far.  With the trailer for this episode revealing that we would finally find out the identity of Savitar, I was excited for the episode to begin.  I liked how throughout the episode they gave more clues as to his identity than in any previous episodes.  Once they finally got to the time of the big reveal they did a good job of showing how Barry realized Savitar’s identity.  I was not that surprised by the reveal of Savitar’s identity just like in previous seasons, because of all the clues we have gotten along the way.

Spoiler Alert!





I am interested to see how they explain that Barry became Savitar. I wonder if he is just Barry from the future or if he is Barry from some other timeline.

With only a few episodes left I look forward to seeing how they defeat Savitar.  I  am wondering if they are going to have Barry go back to pre-flashpoint timeline or if they are going to fix flashpoint in some other way if at all.


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