Google WiFi

Earlier this week we decided to finally switch our internet over to Google Wifi.  That is because some areas of our house like the basement and top floor have had a Wifi signal that is weaker than 50%.

Instead of setting up the Wifi by myself like I have done in the past, I decided to let my Mom do it as I supervised.  That way I can see how easy the setup would be for anyone to do that doesn’t have an IT degree like me.

She was able to setup the Wifi by herself with only a little guidance.  Once you download the app it prompts you to add each Wifi point one by one.  The only difficult part was deciding the Wifi name, the password, and where to put each point.

I have noticed that in places where the Wifi signal was weaker before, the download speed is now more than twice as fast.  Plus it also has more setting available to be used to more customize your Wifi experience.


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