Rainbow Six Siege Operation Health

I have recently started playing Rainbow Six Siege again after a short break.  I had forgotten how much more fun the game is with a group of friends than by yourself.  I normally play as Twitch and sometimes Sledge on offense.  On defense I normally play as Doc, Mute, or Frost depending on the situation.

Ubisoft, the developers of Rainbow Six Siege had previously announced that there would be four DLCs or one each quarter released this year.  However they recently announced that instead of the second DLC they will be working on more general improvements to the overall gaming experience.  They have separated these improvements intro three parts that they call pillars.

The first pillar is called technological improvements and is focused on improving the servers.  This is the pillar that I am the most excited about since currently it can take several minutes to load into a game especially if you are in a party of four and waiting on a fifth person to join.  I am also hoping that this pillar will enable our entire party to back out together instead of having to rejoin each other in the game whenever one person backs out.

The second pillar is called new deployment process and is focused on improving the deployment of future new features.  This means they will first deploy new features on a test server, then on PC, and then on consoles.  It will also enable them to rollback to before updates occurred in case something goes wrong with the update.

The third and final pillar is called bug fix sprints and is aimed at fixing the most reported bugs by the community.  I have not really had issues with bugs on the Xbox One, but I have heard that it is much worse on PC.


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