Everything right/wrong with the DCEU

Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe the DC Extended Universe has many things that make it what it is.  While the DCEU doesn’t have the same history as the MCU, it has still done a good job of establishing a connected universe between multiple movies.

They have done a good job of using a mixture of CGI and practical effects to show different characters’ super powers.  For example Superman’s powers and Batman’s fighting has greatly improved on previous versions of those characters.

However the DCEU has had its share of issues.  One issue is that Batman vs Superman seemed to be focused more on setting up future movies than on its own story.  It would have been better if they had set up each of the Justice League characters in their own movies before putting them together so quickly.

The DCEU has also had the issue of just not having good movies, such as Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad.  This is even more of an issue because the DCEU is not fully established like the MCU.  I hope that the good reviews of Wonder Woman mean that they are starting to turn things around.


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