NBA Finals Games 1 and 2

In game 1 of the Finals the Warriors seemed to be scoring at will against the Cavaliers.  Especially Kevin Durant who scored 37 points and they never seemed to have a way to stop him.  In fact at some points the Cavalier players seemed to be actively trying to get out of his way.

Game 2 was much of the same story except for Klay Thompson went from scoring 6 points in game 1 to 22 points in game 2.  The Warriors were also able to score even more points than in the first game by going from 113 points to 132 points.  If anything this means that the Cavaliers are getting even worse at defending the Warriors.

I think for the Cavaliers to have a change in this series they are going to need LeBron to score closer to 40 points per game instead of around 30.  They will also need to spread the ball around more to make sure that all of the starters are scoring points.  Especially since in each of the first two games one of their starters didn’t score at all.



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