The Flash Season 3 Finale

I have waited a while to post about the Flash season 3 final episode to avoid spoiling it for people.  So SPOILER WARNING and continue reading only if you have watched the last episode of season 3.


The final episode of the Flash finally solved the issue of Savitar trying to ruin Barry’s life.  The episode starts with the reveal that H.R. was killed in Iris’ place.  Instead of trying to beat Savitar with force Barry tried to work with him instead.  But that ended up failing when Savitar ran away and left the philosopher’s stone to blow up the lab.

Savitar tried to force Cisco to adjust the speed trap to spread Savitar throughout all of time, but instead Cisco made it so it released Jay Garrick from the speed force.  Then as Barry knocks down Savitar and it seems like he defeated him until he gets back up to attack Barry.  However before he can Iris shoots and kills him.  Everything seems all happy after this until a speed storm starts and Barry realizes that he has to go into the speed force to take Jay Garrick’s place.

I think that at the beginning of season 4 Wally West is going to be protecting the city, until they figure out a way to get Barry back from the speed force.  It will be interesting how they set up and eventually show the season 4 main villain since it was revealed that it won’t be another speedster.



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