Arrow Season 5 Finale

Just like the Flash Post last week I have been waiting to write this post until everyone has had a chance to watch the episode.  SPOILER ALERT


This episode of Arrow did a good job of building off of the previous episode.  I liked that it went back to the island of Lain Yu, since that is where the show started.  It also does a good job of connecting the flashbacks to the current story and showing how Oliver has changed since then.  For example in the flashback he just kills his enemy, but he is not willing to do that anymore.  This connection to the past can also been seen when Oliver gets his past enemies of Deathstroke and Captain Boomerang to help him fight Adrian Chase’s group.

I was surprised later in the episode when Malcolm Merlyn died to save his daughter’s life.  I was surprised because I figured they would want it to keep appearing on the show.  However it does make sense, because his time on Legends of Tomorrow is over and he has been on Arrow for every season.

Based on the ending of the episode I am curious to see who survived if any one at all.  I think it will be interesting to see how Oliver deals with anyone who died at the end of this episode at the beginning of season 6.


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