Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady

Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady is one of the greatest, if not the greatest sports rivalry of all time.  People on both sides think that they are right about who is better.  The best way to determine who is the better football player is to compare individual based statistics.

These statistics include categories such as: Total touchdowns, Total Yards, Total QB Rating, MVPs, Pro Bowls, Average Touchdowns, Average Yards, Most Touchdowns in a season, and Most Yards in a season.

I have looked up both of their statistics on the NFL website and put them into a table below.

Category Peyton Manning Tom Brady
Total Touchdowns  539  456
Total Yards  71,940  61,582
MVPs  5  2
Pro Bowls  14  12
Average Touchdowns  30  27
Average Yards  3,997  3,622
Quarterback Rating  96.5  97.2
Most Touchdowns in a season  55  50
Most Yards in a season  5,477  5,235
Best QB Rating for a season  121.1  117.2

As you can see from these stats Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady in every individual category except for QB rating.  This makes me wonder why people are already saying that Tom Brady is the best player ever, when he isn’t even the best at his position. 

It is true that Peyton was in the league longer, but he played for 18 seasons and Tom Brady is already at 17 seasons and still well behind in many of these categories.  For example Tom would have to score 83 touchdowns this year to have the same as Peyton in the same amount of time.  You may also be thinking that Tom Brady has another year to be on pace with Peyton since he missed all but one game of 2008, but Peyton missed every game in 2011.

To see these stats for yourselves you can just follow the links below

Peyton Manning:

Tom Brady:

If you would like me to do more player comparisons in the future please comment on this post with who you want me to compare.


2 Replies to “Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady”

  1. The stats that I did not include were: Games played, Passing attempts, Completions, Percent completed, Attempts per game, Yards per game, Touchdown percentage, Interceptions, Interception percentage, Longest pass, Passes over 20 yards, Passes over 40 yards, Sacks taken, and Yards lost from sacks. I did not include them because I wanted to keep it limited to the ten most important stats to use to judge a NFL Quarterback.


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