Donkey King 64 Overview

I have recently decided to go back and play Donkey King 64 again.  As I play I am constantly wondering if I am enjoying the game because it is so good or because it reminds me of my childhood.  For those of you who have not played Donkey King 64 it was released in 1999 as a 3D platform game.

You start out the game as Donkey Kong and as you play you unlock four other members of the Kong family after they have been trapped by King K. Rool.  There are 8 worlds that you unlock as you play the game.  The worlds are called: Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory, Gloomy Galleon, Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves, Creepy Castle, and Hideout Helm.  To complete each world you need to collect 4 golden bananas plus a blueprint for a fifth and 100 colored bananas for each Kong character.  These bananas are different colors for each member of the Kong family.  For example Donkey Kong is yellow, Diddy Kong is Red, Lanky Kong is Blue, Tiny Kong is Purple, and Chunky Kong is green.  To finish each level you turn in a certain amount of these bananas to fight the boss of that world.  These bosses rotate which of the Kong members have to fight them.

In the next few weeks I am going to cover the 8 different worlds that are part of Donkey Kong 64.


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