Marvel News 6/24/17

Fantastic Four Rebooted again

There has been a story going around that Fox is going to reboot the Fantastic Four yet again this time as a kid’s movie.  This made me disappointed because I was hoping that the fantastic four would appear in a Marvel Studios movie instead.  At this point it seems like no matter what Fox does with the Fantastic Four that it will be a failure based on their reputation with the Fantastic Four movies.

Sony Spider-Man Universe

Sony announced that their Venom movie will be connected to the MCU movies.  They are planning on making movies with each member of the Sinister Six as the main character.  This could be a good way to solve Marvel Studios villain problem by giving them more of a backstory.

Marvel Netflix and Agents of Shield Crossover?

Many people are starting to think that the Marvel Netflix characters will cross over with Agents of Shield soon because the two groups did a photo shoot together.  This would certainly be fun to watch, but they would need to make sure to balance the darkness of the Netflix shows with the lightheartedness of Agents of Shield.  It would be easier now than previously since Agents of Shield has moved to a later time and became darker last season.  However there is the issue of the Agents of Shield now being in space and the Netflix shows taking place in New York.



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