Next Rocksteady Studios Game

After Rocksteady Studios finished making Batman: Arkham Knight they said it would be their last Batman game.  Some people think that their next game is going to be a Suicide Squad or Superman game.  I have even heard rumors of them making a Green Arrow game or some other DC character.  They even made references to some of these characters in Arkham Knight.

Of these options a Green Arrow game would be the easiest, because they could just use the same combat from the Batman Arkham games and modify it.  A superman game would be the most difficult because superman cannot get hurt by normal means.  This would make the game difficult to create.  People are saying that a Superman game is impossible to make, but they also said that before Arkham Asylum.  So if anyone can make a Superman game its Rocksteady Studios.

I would be willing to play any DC related game made by Rocksteady studios, since I enjoyed the Arkham series so much.


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