Iceland Trip Day 4: Heimaey Island

This morning we landed at Heimaey Island for a tour.  We learned about the Volcano eruption in the 70s and how much damage it did to the town.  They said the volcanic ash was around piled around ten feet tall.  The lava from the volcano even added more land to the island.  We could even see where a part of the volcano fell off when it erupted.  It was amazing that people still wanted to live in this area after this happened.

At another stop along the tour we saw some puffins and took several pictures of them.  You could tell the puffins apart because they flapped their wings faster than the other birds.

Once we returned to the boat we quickly went to lunch since it was about to close for the day.  Then we went up to the front of the boat to watch it take off from the harbor.

Unfortunately later in the afternoon everyone in my family started to feel sick from the rockiness of the boat.  I even started to feel a little sick, which is odd since I have never felt sea sick before.  I heard that it could be due to the increase in fat from my Ketogenic diet.

I was trying to decide if I felt well enough to go to dinner when I heard that everyone else in my family also felt sick.  It ended up being a very quiet dinner.  We decided to just go to bed right after dinner and hope that makes us each feel better.


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