Iceland Trip Day 6: Seydisfjordur

Today we were still in Seydisfordur since we didn’t arrive until last night.  Now that it was daylight we could see a waterfall in every direction.  We got off of the cruise ship and onto a bus for a ride to the Hengifoss waterfall.  It was a long bus ride, but we got to see many waterfalls and other sights along the way.  The tour guide also told us about the interesting Icelandic saying that if you get lost in a forest in Iceland you just need to stand up.

Once we arrived at the site of the waterfall there was a bathroom and a stairway to begin the hike.  It was a steep incline for part of the hike up to the waterfall, but it ended up being worth it to see this waterfall.  There were also other good photo opportunities along the way.  Once we returned to the bus we headed back to the boat for lunch before our boat departed for our next stop.


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