Iceland Trip Day 8: Isafjordur

This morning we slept in a little and ate breakfast before the boat docked at noon.  We got all ready for our shore excursion only to find out that it was cancelled because of rain making the hike dangerous.

We got a map of the city from the cruise ship and looked at what we wanted to see.  Once on land we saw the visitor center and asked for an idea of somewhere to hike.  We started by walking from the visitor center through the town toward where we wanted to hike to.  We stopped to take pictures of a statue and a whale bone along the way.  We ended up hiking pretty high up to near an abandoned ski lodge.


To get back down we had to walk down a steep slope that we think is where the ski lift used to be.  Then we returned to the city and did a little shopping before returning to the ship.  We ended up walking around 7 miles and it took more time than the original excursion.  My feet were sore for a few hours afterwards.

After we returned to the boat we relaxed and then had dinner.  After dinner we played some cards until we went to bed.  Our favorite card game on this vacation has been peanut.


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