Rainbow Six Siege Improvements

I have continued to play more Rainbow Six Siege and I have noticed some things that have been fixed by operation health and some issues that still need fixed.

Operation health is where the developers of Rainbow Six Siege decided to focus on overall improvements to the game instead of more DLC this quarter.  For example they changed matchmaking to just one step so that it is quicker and more efficient for getting in to play a game.  They also improved the hitboxes so that the game is more fair no matter which operator you choose.  They even added alpha packs that contain: gun skins, charms, head gear, and outfits.

Although these improvements have helped to make the game more enjoyable there are still some more improvements that should be made.  One improvement should be that you get enough points for each kill that whoever has the most kills on a team will have the most points overall.  They also need to find a way to reduce team killing at least on the Xbox One, since almost every time I play I end up getting team killed.

It will also be interesting to see what new operators and map they add for the upcoming DLC in a few weeks.



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