News 8/5/17

Sharknado 5

Sharknado 5 is going to be shown tomorrow at 8/7c on the SYFY channel, just like the previous four Sharknado movies.  It will be interesting to see the regular characters appear along with the many cameos from many celebrities.  I am even considering a Sharknado marathon since they are showing all the previous ones starting at noon.

Marvel’s Defenders

The Defenders is going to be released on Netflix in a few weeks on August 18th.  It combines the heroes from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

North Korea launches another missile

North Korea continues to test launch more missiles despite the many restrictions that have been put on their country.  This time however the missile test showed that it was capable of reaching more of the United States including New York.  This has prompted South Korea to want to work together with the United State more to take action against North Korea.





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