Marvel and DC Character Comparisons Part 1

This is the first post where I compare two similar characters from the Marvel and DC Comics.  The second post is going to be posted on Wednesday.  I’m going to focus on comparisons where at least one of the characters have appeared on screen or are going to in the near future.  Since this is the Marvel day of this series each of the characters listed first are from the Marvel comics and the characters listed second are from the DC comics.

Ant-Man vs Atom

Ant-Man was recently introduced to film in the 2015 film titled Ant-Man.  The atom was introduced on the CW TV show the Arrow and then showed up again on Legends of Tomorrow.

Both of these characters are able to shrink down to a small size and retain their normal level of strenght.  They both have a version of their character that is a scientist.  With Ant-Man it is Hank Pym and with the Atom it is Ray Palmer.

There are still a few differences between the characters.  For example Ant-Man has the power to communicate with ants while the Atom has the power to fly.

Black Cat vs Catwoman

Black Cat has not yet appeared in any film, but Sony has announced a Spider-Man spinoff titled Silver & Black that will star the Black Cat.  Catwoman appeared in her own solo movie in 2004 and in the Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

Both of these characters are burglars and wear similar black outfits.  They each also act as sidekicks and love interests to another character.  Black Cat helps Spider-Man and Catwoman helps Batman.



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