NFL Division Rankings

This ranking is based off of team records last year and teams’ moves this off season.

8. NFC West

The Seahawks who won the division last year would have gotten third in three other divisions.

7. AFC South

The AFC South was a close division for once, but the division winner continues to get quickly eliminated from the playoffs.

6. AFC East

The Patriots continue to dominate the division, and everyone else is still trying to catch up.

5. AFC North

The Steelers or Ravens seem to make the playoffs each year, while the Browns continue to struggle to even win a game.

4. NFC South

The Buccaneers continue to miss the playoffs by only a few games.

3. NFC North

The Packers and Lions continue to fight for the NFC North crown each year.

2. NFC East

The worst team from this division still managed to have a 7-9 record last year.

1. AFC West

Its not very often that you see more than one team from a division have a 12-4 record like last year.


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