Marvel and DC Character Comparisons Part 2

This is the second part where I compare two similar characters from the DC and Marvel Comics.  I’m going to focus on comparisons where at least one of the characters have appeared on screen or are going to in the near future.

Aquaman vs Namor

Aquaman was quickly shown in Batman v Superman and is going to appear in the Justice League movie later this year.  Namor has not yet been announced to appear anywhere yet, but many Marvel fans are hoping he will have his own movie some time in the future.

Both of these character are royalty and in charge of their own underwater kingdoms.  In fact both of their kingdoms are called Atlantis.  They also both have many of the same water based powers and can both communicate with marine life.

One of the only differences is that Aquaman has blonde hair and Namor has black hair.

Braniac vs Ultron

Braniac has been announced to appear in the Krypton TV show.  Ultron has appeared in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie and has showed up a few times in the cartoon Avengers TV show.

Both of these characters are evil robots that want to rule the world.  Therefore they both have similar robot based powers.  They both also face off against groups of superheroes with Braniac fighting the Justice League and Ultron fighting the Avengers.

There are still several differences between the two characters.  One difference is that Braniac is a combination of an alien and a robot, while Ultron is all robot.  This means that they both have vastly different origin stories with Braniac being born on another planet and Ultron being created by Tony Stark.


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