3 Steps for beginners in Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting game that consist of playing on two teams of five members.  Each person playing gets to pick a different operator or character that has their own specialty.  There are three game modes called Situations, Multiplayer, and Terrorist Hunt.

Situations are the introduction to the game.  They each take place on a different map and with a different operator.  They each have their own theme that matches with a multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer is the main mode played in Rainbow Six Siege.  It consists of three modes called Bomb, Secure, and Hostage.

In Bomb mode one attacking team member has the defuser.  To win the round you have to either defuse the bomb or kill of the defenders.  If you are one of the defenders you have to kill all of the attacker before they plant the defuser or you have to stop the defuser before it is done.

In secure you just have to secure a specific room before a member of the opposite team is in the room.  You can sometimes win by securing the room, but most of the time you win by killing the other team.

In hostage the attackers have to steal the hostage from the defenders.  This adds a whole other element to the game, because it is possible to lose the round by accidentally killing the hostage.


These steps are based on what I have noticed helped me as I first started to play Rainbow Six Siege, and as I continue to play it.

1. Situations

Completing the situations is the first step to learning how to play Rainbow Six Siege.  It enables you to learn how to use the controls without a constant fear of being killed.  It also helps to familiarize you with each map, gun, and operator.

After you have completed all of the situations it is important to go back to them and complete the star challenges.  These challenges add another layer of difficulty to the challenges and also give you a more renown for completing them.

2. Solo Terrorist Hunt

Once you have completed all of the Situations with three stars on each you should start playing some terrorist hunt on the lone wolf setting.  After you are able to beat it consistently then you should turn off aim assist.  Aim assist makes you automatically hit the enemies, but it is not in multiplayer so turning it off will prepare you for multiplayer.

3. Multiplayer

After you have been completing Terrorist Hunt by yourself consistently without aim assist you will have much more success in multiplayer than if you just went straight to it.  Just make sure to remember that it is all about having a better line of sight and angle on the enemy than they have on you.  It is also important to make sure to lean when necessary to give you these better angles.  Headphones are also important so that you can hear where the enemy is at before you see them.



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