Madden 18 Initial Review

I started playing Madden 18 on Tuesday when the G.O.A.T. edition was released.  So far I have played the Skills Trainer, Ultimate Team and the Longshot story mode.

In Skills Trainer you practice the different aspects of the game just like in the years past.  They cover things from the basics of offense and defense to audibles and hot routs.  After you complete all of the practices under each category you earn an ultimate team pack.

Just like most years the Ultimate Team mode has improved.  They have added levels that are required for some solo challenges.  You can also earn extra xp to level up from accomplishing extra goals during each challenge.  They have also added many more tasks that can be done each day to earn either packs or coins.  The amount of sets have also been downsized to make it easier to choose where to add items.  Most of the sets are used to simply upgrade a player instead of just getting an entirely different player.

In Longshot mode you play as a quarterback who had previously left the Texas Longhorns football team and is trying to get back into football again.  The story does a good job of making you feel invested with all the characters in the story.  It has some regular Madden gameplay along with a few quick time events and some telltale style choices to be made.  Once this mode is completed you can even carry over some of the characters to Ultimate Team to improve your squad.



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