4 Most Common Types of Fantasy Football

With the football regular season starting on Thursday I have decided to cover the four most common types of fantasy football.

Regular Fantasy Football

This is the fantasy football that you probably think of when someone mentions fantasy football.  It consists of teams that draft football players form the NFL to get the points for their team each week.  Each player earns points for yards and touchdowns to help your team win.

Perfect Challenge

For the Perfect Challenge each week you pick eight players that you think will perform the best in that position for the week.  You pick one Quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, a kicker, and a defense.

Weekly Pick’Em

This is the simplest of these, because all you have to do is pick which team is going to win each game for the week.  You can even do your picks for the season all at once so that you don’t have to do it each week.

Fantasy Survivor

This is similar to the Weekly Pick’Em except you just choose one team to win each week.  The twist is that you can only pick one team each week so it gets more difficult each week with only the worse teams remaining.  Depending on the settings  you either have three chances or just one to pick a game wrong before you lose.



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