Ten Benefits of Listening to Music

I like to listen to music a lot throughout the day and this has made me wonder about its benefits.  Here are ten interesting benefits of listening to music.

10. Makes you happier

9. Improves running and biking

8. Improves post workout recovery

7. Improves sleep

6. Improves anxiety and depression

5. Improves blood vessel function

4. Certain music can improve seizures

3. Helps with Alzheimer’s or dementia

2. Reduces eating

1. Reduce pain









Sleep is one of the most important things in our life.  Just like food and water we need it to survive.  Sleep can be put into two categories that are REM sleep and NREM sleep.  REM stands for rapid eye movement, therefore NREM means non-rapid eye movement.  NREM consists of three stages.  NREM last for 75% of the night and REM last for the other 25%.

The first stage consist of light sleep and is when it is the easiest to wake up.  It is when you drift in and out of sleep.  The second stage is when your body temperature lowers and your heart rate slows down.  The third  stage is when the body goes into deep sleep and when sleep walking occurs.  It is also when energy is restored, breathing is slower, and tissue growth and repair occurs.

REM sleep first happens around 90 minutes after falling asleep and repeats around every 90 minutes.  The First REM cycle last around 10 minutes with each cycle getting longer until it last about an hour.  This is also the part of sleep when the most vivid dreams happen, which is why during this stage our muscle become paralyzed to prevent us from acting out our dreams.