My Top 5 MCU characters

5. Thor

4. Spider-Man

3. Iron Man

2. Black Panther

1. Captain America


Marvel Ghost

Marvel Studios has announced that the Ghost is going to appear in the Ant Man and the Wasp movie.  So you may be wondering who is the Ghost, so here is his back story.

The Ghost was originally a data engineer for a large computer corporation.  He created GhostTech, a series of computer chips that phases into an intangible state.  The company used his technology to make themselves wealthy and then they had his lover killed to keep her from exposing them.

The Ghost then infused his body with this GhostTech and killed the company executives for revenge.

It will be interesting to see another Tech based villain face off against the Ant Man.  I hope they are able to still make him interesting without seeming too similar to other past villains.