iBuyPower Desktop Computer

Last year I got an iBuyPower Desktop Computer.  It has run well so far without any issues.  It does however not come with a disk drive, so I am thinking about buying and internal or external disk drive.  I also had to buy a DVI to VGA active converter in order to add a second monitor, since it only has one VGA port.

It does however have several HDMI ports that can be used with newer monitors.  It also has several USB ports on the back that I use for my keyboard and mouse, along with two on the top that I use for charging my iPhone.  For WiFi use it has a USB adapter to enable WiFi connection or you can plug an Ethernet cable into the back for wired internet.


Xbox One Elite Controller

I have had an Elite Controller for the Xbox One for a while now.  I like that it has a better grip than the regular Xbox One controllers.  I have looked at all of the extra features that it has, but I have only used the hair triggers to make shooting quicker in games like Rainbow Six Siege.  I have tried to think of a use for the paddles on the back of the controller, but I haven’t come up with one yet.

I have not had any issues with the controller other than the Joysticks falling off, since they are detachable.  I have only used the attachments that are the same as the regular controllers so far.